The lights and shadows of the iPhone 14 pro Max

Greater battery autonomy and improvements in the functions of its camera, but with little innovation was what marked the arrival of the new team from the Californian company.

Since Manzana presented its new line of iPhones, where the “mini” line disappeared, leaving only four models of this new installment, the iPhone 14 and its Plus version include only the A15 chip from its previous equipment.

Different luck ran the versions Pro and ProMaxwhich had the upgrade of A16 Bionic chipwith which the team shows serious improvements, and of course, an optimization of processes thanks to its artificial intelligence, which is summed up in a faster response.

However, in terms of design and novelties, this team has different lights and shadows for those who ask the apple company to be more daring, since in its architecture it is a 90% similar to its previous models.

In aesthetics, the sections of the lenses and sensors are a little larger, considering that they need more space as they are brighter, which we can verify with the night photos, which continue to be a high point despite having captures with low light sources.

Tomas Pardo – Twitch S13
The lights and shadows of the iPhone 14 pro Max, Apple's most powerful smartphoneTom├ís Pardo – iPhone 14 Camera
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But beyond that, on a computer that has a screen 6.7-inch OLED with a 120Hz refresh rate, little more shows again. Of course, the same screen is shown with a greater definition of colors and brightness in adverse conditions.

And if we talk about its internals, Apple decided to activate its “always on” screen, which we have seen for several years before in Android, so the iPhone also added customizations for the “home” screen when it is locked. It also modified the notch where the front camera and sensors such as the FaceID.

A redesigned space that occupies less space on the screen, and with some aesthetic details that make a difference, such as showing a “mini” sound player in the background, both for multimedia content and for calls. This makes it easier and quicker to re-access a call or music platforms.

The lights and shadows of the iPhone 14 pro Max, Apple's most powerful smartphoneThomas Brown

Regarding your cameras, the iPhone 14 ProMax It has the “action” option, which is focused on those who like to photograph or take videos in motion, which represents a great leap for these teams, since it becomes more versatile when having a iPhone as a video camerasaving the proportions of course, but it is still a good option for video recording considering its great digital stabilization.

And finally, one of the great novelties of this smartphone is the function in which the iPhone can detect accidents, sending an automatic emergency message alerting of the incident.

A team from which more could be expected, but little by little Apple is taking new risks thinking about a future where competition in the high ranges is getting tougher.

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