The Last of Us is free! How and where can I play it? – Rock pop

The premiere of the HBO seriesThe Last of Us, It has been very well received by fans and critics.. “Masterfully Adapted” either “the best video game ever made”are some of the impressions he has left on the audience.

With such a streak, Sony wasted no time, and gave the opportunity to those people who wish to try the game of PlayStation and Naughty Dog, that inspired the Serie that is shaking up the industry.

How and where can I play The Last of Us?

Today it can be somewhat difficult to enjoy the experience in its original format, unless you have a PS3, since initially the game was released for that console in physical and digital format. Nevertheless, now you can access the remastering completely free.

To access this benefit you must be a subscription member Playstation Plus Premium. There you will find the new version: The Last of Us Remastered, which features modernized controls along with expanded accessibility options including audio descriptions for cutscenes and haptic feedback for dialogue.

However, it should be noted that there is a time limit.either. Players who access the service will only be able to try the game for a maximum of two hours.. But the silver lining is that whatever progress is made in the testing phase, it will be saved for the full version. Both achievements and trophies.

This is the perfect opportunity to get to know Joel and Ellie better in the video game. If you don’t have any of the consoles, you should wait for the launch for PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store, next March 3, 2023. Or you can hold out every Sunday for the premiere of new chapters.