The King rebels against Flamengo’s doctors: the story behind Arturo Vidal’s infection that threatens his presence in the Copa Libertadores final

As soon as Arturo Vidal set foot in Rio de Janeiro, he set himself the goal of winning the Copa Libertadores. The idea of ​​consecrating himself in Flamengo, the most popular team in Brazil, was spinning in his mind. This is how he made it known to the journalists who bet during his media presentation.

This is my first dream, that’s why I’m here. I want to win the Libertadores for Flamengo. I am going to work in the best way, I want to win many things and I want to have the Libertadores (…) I’ve wanted to play for Flamengo for a long time. The best team in South America. To keep winning titles in my career, it had to be here,” he said last July.

The truth is that almost 90 days later, Arturo Vidal’s dream is just around the corner. This Saturday, at 5:00 p.m., in Guayaquil, Flamengo will face Athlético Paranaense, in a match that will feature two teams that are far from the leadership of the Brasileirao. The Fla is going for its third continental title, while the team from Curitiba is going for its first Libertadores crown.

The wishes of the King, however, live crucial hours. Surprisingly, after winning the Brazilian Cup against Corinthians, the club reported the surgical intervention to which the midfielder underwent. “The athlete Vidal suffered a trauma to his right leg. Due to pain and increased volume with internal fluid, the player will undergo drainage this Friday. Afterwards, he will undergo treatment ”, the writing said.

The trauma that afflicted King Arturo haunted him during the week prior to the duel against Corinthians. A blow caused an internal infection, which forced the entire area to be drained. It is not certain what caused the internal damage, despite the fact that the club’s doctors transmit that it could have been an internal bruise that resulted from a blow.

The days before the final of the Brazilian Cup, the King suffered with the pain in his right leg that did not leave him alone. The symptoms were annoying: he could not touch the affected area and he felt a great heat that made him presume that something was wrong. The Mengao doctors gave him antibiotics, believing that medicine would be the solution to end the discomfort.

Despite the attempts, Vidal never let go of the pain. Against Timao he played with a very inflamed area. The doctors watched him carefully during the course of the match, assuming that the pain could make him leave the field, something that ultimately never happened. Even when he was substituted at 63 ′, he made his annoyance at the change clear, because he wanted to continue playing.

The day after the duel against the team from São Paulo, Vidal underwent surgery. Eight stitches were placed in an area that was difficult to heal. The player was only discharged this Monday and the next few days will be key in his recovery. From this Tuesday to Wednesday he will continue with antibiotics and will begin with strength and aerobic work. On Thursday, in Ecuador, he will train for the first time with the ball.

From the circle of Arturo Vidal they assure that the two-time Chilean champion will not miss the final for any reason. They even warn that the recovery dates were set by him, since the doctors told Flamengo that they did not agree that he was considered for the duel, assuming the seriousness of the ailment. Until today, as they warn, the King is winning the arm wrestling match against the doctors and the club will fulfill his wish of wanting to fight for the continental trophy.

Giovanni Carcuro, former doctor of the Chilean team, meets Arturo Vidal. The specialist from the Universidad de Los Andes Clinic carried out the recovery process for the Chilean midfielder, who underwent surgery a few weeks before the start of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. best teams in the world. However, against all medical odds, the San Joaquin native was present in the debut against Australia.

“The infectious hematoma gets worse over time until they manage to remove it. Today Arturo should feel fine, because the pain disappears 48 hours after the drainage is done. The problem with the closeness of the game is the points, because eight points is not less. They must be about four centimeters and in a week it does not heal in a good way”, warns Carcuro.

The doctor, however, warns that the injury will not have consequences in the future. “The friction can affect you, but the risk is lower. It will not bring you major consequences, which will prevent you from doing something in the future, but it may have healing problems. There are patches, a kind of sealing that can help you, but that will also bother you, “he adds.

To close, Jorge Sampaoli’s former doctor for La Roja makes the similarity with the injury that afflicted him in the run-up to the 2014 World Cup. another who does not want to be. Knowing Vidal, he will want to be there no matter what for Saturday’s game. The player is super aware and he knows how far he can go. If it were that he cut his crusaders, a soccer player knows the process that is coming, for example. I am sure that Vidal will wait until the last moment. He will always want to play.”