The keys to BeReal: the new ‘app’ with millions of followers copied by Instagram and TikTok

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Definitely, BeReal has been the great revelation within the field of social networks during the present 2022. The ‘app’, which asks the user to upload an image once a day, has already attracted the attention of Instagram Y TikTok. Two platforms that are replicating the operation of this platform with new options for their users.

Created in 2020

BeReal was developed two years ago by the French Alexis Barreyat and Kévin Perreau, fed up with the tricks and traps of conventional social networks. What they wanted was to create a application in which users show themselves as they really are.

a daily photo

The application does not require even a fraction of the time that other social networks. So you can only share one photo per day which must be removed at an unpredictable time dictated by the ‘app’ itself. There is hardly any room for content curation.

little else to do

The options of the ‘app’ are very limited. The user must share content if he wants to have access to the images uploaded by his friends and other users. There is also the possibility of closing the profile and that only the Internet user’s contacts can consult their images.

growth unleashed

The ‘runrun’ with the application has been increasing in recent months. According to Apptopia, its growth has been 315% during 2022. In addition, it has managed to establish itself as the most downloaded ‘app’ in the US during the last month.

According to estimates from various platforms, 20 million people visit the site every month.

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