The indiscipline of Carlos Palacios in Vasco da Gama

Carlos Palacios is one step away from becoming the new reinforcement of Colo Colo. The albos, in fact, hope to seal their incorporation on this day. The agreement with Vasco da Gama for a chargeable loan is practically sealed. The same happens with the contractual terms of the footballer trained in Unión Española. If nothing unusual happens, will join the preseason that the albos carry out in Argentina.

In Brazil they try to explain the reasons for the departure of the striker, who came to the club of the Maltese cross from Porto Alegre International. And they launch a harsh accusation to justify the decision to get rid of the player: the indiscipline of the attacker, who has been considered on several occasions in the National Team.

In recent weeks, the midfielder presented some indiscipline problems that did not please Vasco. In late December, Palacios missed one practice and was late for another. He got a slap on the wrist, but the fact further deteriorated his relationship with the club”, points out the Brazilian site Globo Esporte.

Carlos Palacios, in a match for Vasco da Gama.

The outlet also records the police problems that Palacios had to face on his way through Chile, during his break. “While he was on vacation, Palacios was involved in a controversy in Chile and was arrested for threatening his wife, according to the local press. Subsequently, the midfielder posted that “everything was a misunderstanding.” On December 12, the player appeared normally for the preseason”, states the publication.

The concrete thing is that in Vasco da Gama nobody would miss Palacios too much. His performance is well below expectations. “No He adapted to Rio and started only five of the 24 games he played in Serie B. The player himself sometimes thought about looking for another club for this season”, details the note.

He also notes that the presence of the Chilean Claudio Maldonado in the coaching staff was not too influential for an increase in his performance. “The presence of Maldonado, Barbieri’s assistant, was expected to help win Palacios back. Also Chilean, the former defensive midfielder had a good stage and adapted to Brazilian football”, alludes.

To get Inter Palacios out of Porto Alegre, Vasco da Gama paid about US$1.5 million. In the operation with the Cacique, he expects, at least, to recover a part of an investment that did not yield the revenues that were projected.