The incredible resemblance between Evaluna Montaner and her daughter Indigo surprises in the networks

In early December, a photo was accidentally released that revealed the face of the granddaughter of Ricardo Montaner, Indigo, Evaluna Y Camilo, the photo was immediately uploaded to the TikTok platform, where everyone could see the girl’s face.

Many netizens claimed that Eva Luna and her daughter are like two peas in a pod, however, it should be remembered that both artists have decided not to let their daughter’s face be seen until she decides if she wants to become a public figure or not.

Despite not being able to hide the identity of his daughter, the singer Ricardo Montaner posted a picture of his daughter Eva Luna on a bicycle, which finally proves that Indigo is just like her beautiful mother.

Through the famous application TikTok, an image of Camilo walking through the airport with their daughter in their arms, fans recognized them, took a family photo and intentionally posted the girl’s face.

Of course, many TikTok users said that the test was useless because the images were not entirely clear, although days later Eva Luna Y Ricardo Montaner They shared a photo of the aforementioned moment, in which we can see the artist when she was just a girl and was not yet internationally known and she can be seen with a big smile on her face, thanks to that photograph, many fans affirmed that the daughter of Camilo He is indisputably the same as his mother.

A few days ago, in an interview at an important event, Ricardo Montaner He spoke about the circulation of his granddaughter’s photos, stating that the photo was not taken by paparazzi, but by fans of the two artists.

Nothing happens, well, one day it had to happen, but the truth is nothing happens, besides, thank God, it’s beautiful.