The House of the Dragon explains why Daemon attacks Rhaenyra

MADRID, 25 Oct. (CultureLeisure) –

The last episode from the first season of The House of the Dragon represents a before and after in the Civil war in which the House Targaryensknown as The Dance of the Dragons. While Rhaenyra tries to recover based on strategy the Iron Throne that belongs to him by inheritanceher husband Demon it’s found blinded by his rage and search dethrone Aegon II whatever it takes.

The extreme ambition of impulsive brother of the late King Viserys has led him to star in one of the most shocking scenes of the tenth chapter. A passage that has sparked controversy among some of the fans due to the violent performance of the character played by Matt Smiththat thanks to his charisma he had won the favor of a large part of the public despite his execrable acts – and that has analyzed one of its creators of the HBO series.


Midway through the chapter, during a meeting with his war council on Dragonstone in which Rhaenyra explains to those present who, to avoid plunging Westeros into a terrible and devastating war, will meditate the proposal made by Otto Hightower in Aegon’s name to bow to the new king, relinquish his right to the Iron Throne, and so Keep the peace. Something that Daemon does not accept at all, that in public questions his wife’s decision to negotiate with the Greens instead of attacking them after betray the legitimate heir to the crown.

At that moment, the princess asks to vacate the room to be alone with Daemon and explain the reasons for your extreme prudence before the impending war. As the vehement Targaryen berates him for not wanting to fight for his right to his throne, Rhaenyra reminds him that his responsibility goes beyond being the head of House Targaryen.

The princess explains sleep What did your father mention to you? the Song of Ice and Fire and Aegon’s Prophecymaking it clear that the kingdom had to stay together to fight against the long winterthe threat that will come from the North and that would end the world of men.

Daemon, prisoner of anger and realizing that Viserys had never mentioned this prophecy to him., violently grabs Rhaenyra by the neck making it clear that he is willing to do anything, even hurt his familyfor take back the Iron Throne and beat Aegon.

The House of the Dragon showrunner, Ryan Condal, has explained in Variety the unfortunate behavior of the character of strangling his wife in that way. “It’s a moment that I think is surprising and shocking for Daemon as a character, but I also think it’s one of those things that they have been preparing throughout the season. Daemon -which for me is a character deeply interesting and incredibly charismatic– is also capable of housing a great darkness. a darkness that simmers just below the surface“. affirms the person in charge of La Casa del Dragón who explains that the attitude of the character has more to do with frustration and resentment towards his brother than with how he feels about his wife.

“When you realize that Viserys has never trusted him enough as his successor to the throne. and has given it without hesitation to Rhaenyra, Daemon snaps. he loved his brother She deeply and trusted him, despite all the troubles they’ve had, and Viserys never shared her love for him. The king kept his brother in oblivion and that broke him. Instead of reacting with the grief and sadness that he shows afterwards, reacts angrily and takes it out on Rhaenyra“, tells Condal.

Despite the somewhat idealized that fans have forged of Daemon throughout the first season, the truth is that his actions they are far from being no longer virtuousbut just correct. It is a character aggressiveambitious, haughty and irascible that does not shrink from anything or anyone. It remains to be seen if in the second season, in which Daemon will be a fundamental warrior on the Black side, the War and the character’s behavior they produce a change in the too good opinion that the fandom has of the Caraxes rider.