The highlights of 2013 Risk of Rain will have a beautiful remake with “revamped multiplayer”

One of the most beloved indie roguelikes ever made is getting a remake, and Risk of Rain Returns aims to fix the original game’s most persistent issues along with a host of new content and a visual overhaul.

Perhaps most notably, Risk of Rain Returns will feature “revamped multiplayer, so there are no more issues with router settings like in Risk of Rain 1,” as the developers explain in a new video. The original Risk of Rain hails from an era of PC indie games that had yet to fully embrace the convenient multiplayer infrastructure we’ve grown accustomed to over the past decade. Not having to deal with port forwarding to set up a cooperative game will be a huge boon for PC gamers in the future.

Even aside from the multiplayer update, the developers promise that this isn’t “just a lick of paint on an old classic.” All of the previous content from Risk of Rain 1 returns with “countless rebalancing and gameplay tweaks,” along with new survivors, new abilities for old survivors, new enemies, interactive elements, scenario variants, and new items, some of which come from Risk of rain 2.

Risk of Rain Returns “has an updated codebase, so we’ll be able to update and add game features that weren’t possible before.” You may remember that Gearbox bought Risk of Rain IP last month. Original developer Hopoo Games will remain at the helm on Risk of Rain Returns, but any future Risk of Rain games will be developed and published by Gearbox.

Risk of Rain Returns is coming to PC and Switch at an unspecified date in 2023.

That’s one more to add to our list of new games for 2023.