the heroic game sacrifices versions to not go far

Marvel is doing a tremendous job in the world of video games with DC looking to retake the throne little by little after several years of rest after Arkham Knight. The IPs under the control of Sony they are not in danger while those made up of Eidos Montréal Y Crystal Dynamics they have surrendered lower than expected economically. The jump to tactical action RPGs with Firaxis Games has run into a minefield from which it seems to have emerged successfully and announces new release date.

Finally, it has been within the framework of the D23 with the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase when we have known that the game will not leave this year 2022 despite the fact that we did expect it much later. will be the next December 2 when we can make the jump to the darkest and most gloomy part of Marvel comics.

Apparently, the Baltimore team has had serious problems with the last generation and Nintendo Switch, so it has decided to put them aside, at least for the moment. Firaxis Games seems to have prioritized the release on PC and the current generation of consoles, a necessary sacrifice not to miss this 2022.

The game is now available for pre-order both on Epic Games like in Steam with a view to playing the first minute the game is available once we welcome December. Apart from this, the Marvel and Firaxis team has announced that the next 31 October we will have a short film that will show us certain decisive moments of Spider-Man, the Scarlet Witch, Iron Man or Captain America that give rise to this adventure.

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