The heartfelt message of Byron Castillo after the elimination of Ecuador from the World Cup in Qatar

Byron Castillo suffered it from a distance. The side of Ecuador, qwho was sidelined just a few days before the start of the World Cup, Due to the doubts that exist about his nationality, he regretted the defeat of his teammates against the Netherlands that ended up turning off the dream of the round of 16 of Qatar 2022.

“Big Brothers. Proud of you machines. Always head up”he expressed, accompanying his words with photos of the team, on his Instagram account.

A few weeks ago, Ecuador explained the marginalization of the side that today plays for León de México. “Faced with an arbitrary ruling by the TAS, which ignores the most basic universally accepted legal principles, and faced with the risk of once again suffering unjust sanctions, the Ecuadorian Football Federation is obliged not to include the player Byron Castillo Segura in the final list that has been submitted to FIFA”, they explained.

In any case, the Ecuadorian campaignthe first South American eliminated from the contest, managed to excite the fans of his country. He scored with four units in the planetary contest. However the victory against Qatar and the meritorious draw against the Netherlands were not enough for him. Especially when they couldn’t beat Senegal, the rival that ended up being direct in the decisive phase.

Enner Valencia, the figure of El Tri, apologized to his country. “Unfortunately we have not been able to meet the expectations of our Ecuador, we have had a very difficult time,” he said. “We were happy, excited about what we were doing and today we have not been able to achieve it and we apologize to all of Ecuador,” added the striker, author of three of the four goals scored by his team.

Gustavo Alfaro, the coach of Ecuador, also lamented the defeat. “We were left with little taste, we had other expectations, but the pain that there is in Ecuador due to the elimination should not cover this group of boys. These experiences should serve for the future. They are battles and the group will have a rematch,” she said. “I need time to know what decisions to make, what things to do. I feel like I need to stop the ball and decide what I want to do with my career. I must define it with my family ”, he closed.