The harsh reprimand of Channel 13 to Santiago 2023 for the delivery of television rights: “TVN should not have preferential treatment for the sole fact of being from the State”

The determination of the Santiago 2023 Corporation not to carry out a tender and directly deliver the television rights to TVN caused discomfort in many sectors of the communications sector. The decision drew attention and for many it was in total disagreement with free competition and the regular process to take these measures.

And today Channel 13 stepped out of the situation. In a harsh four-page statement, the private channel lists the reasons why it does not share the determination and, incidentally, is open to overcoming, if necessary, the offer from the State station.

From the statement signed by Cristián Núñez Pacheco, Director of New Businesses and Technology at Canal 13 SA, it appears that in March 2022 the Corporation invited them to a face-to-face meeting called “Market Consultations”, in which they were explained that it would be held a tender for television rights and for that there would be independent meetings with representatives of Chilevisión, TVN, Mega, La Red, TV+, in addition to them. However, despite the fact that he repeatedly insisted, these meetings never materialized.

The reasons that led Santiago 2023 to assign TVN as the channel for the Pan American Games are also questioned. According to the internal competition, these sports rights were assigned directly to democratize the sport and due to TVN’s operational advantage of reaching the entire national territory.

In relation to the second point, Channel 13 says that in addition to having coverage throughout the country and a population coverage equivalent to TVN, it even reaches San Pedro de Atacama, Pisco Elqui and Chanco, locations where the state channel does not reach.

It also adds that “if the aim was to democratize the sport, the Corporation could perfectly have granted the transmission rights to all potentially interested channels and in an equal manner.”, highlighting that this measure has been common in recent editions of the Games, giving examples of Rio 2007 (TV Record, Globo and Bandeirantes), Guadalajara 2011 (TV Azteca and Televisa) and Lima 2019 (Latina TV, Peru TV and Panamericana TV).

Channel 13 assures that “There are no objective arguments that justify having assigned the television rights exclusively to TVN” and that incidentally the situation may conflict with the free competition regulations, since the conditions in which the rights were delivered are not known and although according to the Minister these would be delivered without any economic transaction, the other channels have not had the opportunity equal or improve these conditions.

That is why the statement also adds that Channel 13 offers to match, or in its case exceed, TVN’s technical and economic proposal to broadcast the event under equal conditions. “In this context, we must bear in mind that TVN should not obtain preferential treatment in relation to the other television channels for the sole reason of being a State company.”, the writing continues.

Finally, they request that if the Corporation is not available to accept the proposal, the assignment to TVN has the characteristic of open access with the objective that any channel can access all the content, live and deferred, since this will be allowed. really “democratize sport”.

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