The grill of the future of BMW is fully led

The imminent era of electromobility may bring with it changes in car design. For example, on your grill, since battery-powered vehicles do not have the cooling needs of a thermal one.

Hence, BMW registered a light system that aims to be its grill of the future. Presented before the WIPO –World Intellectual Property Organization–, the patent in question shows a grid entirely of LEDs as if it were a television screen.

A single piece that also integrates the headlights, elements that traditionally come separate from the grill. Thanks to the LEDs that make it up, it is capable of displaying various light patterns, as well as hiding or showing the optics depending on the lighting needs of each moment.

The outer layer of this led screen will be transparent and made of polycarbonate. The inner layer, for its part, will be translucent. Between the two there will be a series of layers of insulating plastic with waterproof coatings connected to the LED light sources. It will be through these layers that the light is conducted wherever it is of interest.

The possibilities offered by this system in terms of design are endless. It makes sense, however, for BMW to use the invention to showcase a modern reimagining of its famous kidneys.