The great surprises of the ideal team of the 2022 National Tournament

The 2022 regular season ended with Colo Colo as the just monarch of the National Championship. The squad led by Gustavo Quinteros He led the standings for almost the entire year and, in view of a football performance well above the rest of his opponents, he ended up lifting the trophy. It is time for balances. About, Olocip, a company that applies artificial intelligence to soccer to evaluate the performance of its protagonists, delivers an interesting proposal around who were the best of 2022 in each of the positions.

The ideal eleventh is formed from the individual assessment of each footballer. This assessment consists of a final note or rating for the season and is the synthesis of the player’s favorable actions in the attack and defense phases of his team throughout 2022.

Archer and last line

In the goal appears Fabian Cerda, great season in Curico. His assessment amounts to 9.9 and is consistent with the good performance and regularity of the goalkeeper trained at UC. He provided security, domain and control of the area, sober and effective actions in the goal, and a transcendent game with his feet in the operation of his team, especially in distance ratings.

The axis of defense is made up of Rodrigo Echeverría (8.7) and Manuel Fernández (11.5). The first had a good year in Everton, as a reliable defender in control of his area and with clarity at the start of the game, and the comment is that he could return to the U. For his part, the Uruguayan emerged as an element of solvency in Spanish Union, exhibiting his known skills: aggressiveness in 1 vs 1, efficiency in the aerial game and permanent leadership of the last line.

As laterals, Olocip included Guillermo Pacheco (8.3) and Gabriel Suazo (11) in the ideal eleven. The man of Cobresal he had a great campaign: he was a constant attacking element and defensively, due to his management of the essential concepts, he also fully complied. Suazo, meanwhile, lived the best year of his career as captain of Colo Colo. He clearly improved in the control of his sector against the rival strikers and his role was key both in the construction of the game and in the offensive actions.

Midfield and attack

The midfield is made up of Gonzalo Montes (10), Darío Osorio (7.9) and Joe Abrigo (10.3) within the framework of a positional arrangement with two central midfielders and an attacking midfielder. Montes rose as the best man in Huachipato in 2022, as an efficient ‘6’ in containment and with precise ratings. Osorio consolidated his role as an emerging figure in the U, exhibiting good dribbling ability, fast and penetrating driving, and transcendent shooting ability. Coat closed the year before, as a result of a ruptured Achilles tendon, but he still left his mark: constant goal intention and imbalance due to individual actions in Coquimbo.

Gastón Lezcano (10.5), Alexander Aravena (8.5) and Michael Fuentes (9.6) make up the line of attack. The former played a key role in Cobresal, providing verticality on the right end and risk qualifications towards the finishing zone. Aravena matured in Ñublense, after leaving UC, and when he acted in the center of the offense he unbalanced with mobility and transcendent actions. Fuentes finally finished the year as the best of Audax Italian, thanks to his incessant activity, good ball handling and goal intention.