The great ones targeted in the new debacle of the U: they will leave the club

The duel between Universidad de Chile and Huachipato appeared as the last chance for several players who had been postponed during the stage of coach Sebastián Miranda, and who would have the opportunity to add minutes in a key duel.

At the final whistle, the balance is clear: none took advantage of their opportunity, and with only one match in the Championship for the end of the season, several begin to pack their bags to look for a club for next season.

The main target is Pablo Aránguiz. The midfielder returned to the summons after the complaint of assault on a guard and entered the second half to try to turn the story around. What did he do? he was sent off seven minutes later for hitting a rival player and left his team with ten players. Despite having a valid contract, his continuity looked difficult in 2023. Now it is impossible.

But the former Spanish Union will not go alone. Another who lives his last games is Jeisson Vargas. The midfielder was a starter at CAP and was looking to turn around an irregular season, however, he did not succeed. Another poor performance caused him to be replaced after 56 minutes. The balance of a year is very bad and in the U they are already analyzing how to get rid of it.

The worst defense of the tournament

Martin Parra. The goalkeeper had a weak presentation in the CAP and was responsible for two of the goals. It’s unlikely he’ll get any minutes for the rest of the season, and his loan is up. It seems difficult for the U to make the purchase option effective.

Bastian Tapia and Daniel Navarrete. The canteranos did not take advantage of their option either. Both exhibited poor performance, were overwhelmed by Huachipato’s attackers and left their rubble in evidence. They have a current contract, but the CDA is convinced to send them on loan.

Ignatius Tapia. The defense that cost a million dollars returned to have another day to forget. He never connected with Bastián Tapia, he looked slow and was always late for coverage. Only his high price keeps him in La Cisterna, but his credit is long gone.

Mauricio Morales. It was another of the surprises in the starting lineup, but it didn’t work out. The young canterano has not exhibited a good performance, and to make matters worse, he suffered a couple of injuries that marginalized him from the summons. The option of going out on loan is gaining more and more strength.

Junior Fernandes. Despite scoring important goals in the campaign, his performance has not been as expected and in the U they are already clear that he will not continue in 2023. Today was not his worst game, but he was not able to lead a young team either.