The government could mobilize the savings of the Livret A to finance the nuclear

Baptist Morin

The cost of the six new reactors is estimated at more than 50 billion euros, so the executive is looking for a large envelope. He believes that the nature of the preferred investment of the French, supposed to serve the general interest, is perfectly in line with the construction of these reactors.

If your booklet was used to finance the revival of nuclear power? This is a possibility mentioned today by the newspaper The echoes. Faced with the cost of the six new reactors, estimated at 50 billion euros, the government has several options. The government could make French consumers pay now. The problem being that it would increase the price of electricity a little more. The executive could also appeal to private funding, such as the British for their nuclear power plants. But he could also use the Livret A.

375 billion euros

This last option is a novelty, but the reflection does not come out of nowhere. Today there are 375 billion euros invested in savings accounts A. An outstanding amount that the Caisse des dépôts is responsible for managing to a large extent. She lends it for long periods, thirty or even sixty years.

Most often, this financing would go for the construction of social housing, but it turns out that it more broadly finances major infrastructure projects in France. From this point of view, it does not therefore seem illogical that the Livret A can finance the six new nuclear reactors.

The Caisse des dépôts, contacted by the editorial staff of Europe 1 this Thursday morning, indicates that it is already financing projects, in particular in renewables, and that there would therefore be nothing new under the sun.