The ghostwriter who wrote the book Prince Harry

This Tuesday one of the books that has generated the most expectation among readers around the world: Spare (In the shadowin Spanish), an autobiography of prince harry of United Kingdom.

Just a few days before you are memories of 577 pages were published, some controversial points had already been anticipated around the member of the british royalty.

Among them, not only was a violent fight with his brother, the prince williamwho allegedly threw him to the ground after an argument about Meghan Marklethe Duchess of Sussex, whom the latter would have described as “rude”, but also highlighted the killing of 25 Taliban while serving as a helicopter pilot in Afghanistan.

Prince Harry. Photo: Koen Van Weel/AFP/Getty Images.

Likewise, he would have lost his virginity at the age of 17 with an older woman outside a pub and would have used drugs such as cannabis, hallucinogenic mushrooms and cocaine during his adolescence.

But despite the fact that Prince Harry’s memoir book comes with his signature, a ghostwriter was commissioned to write the stories found in it.

This is John Joseph Moehringer, better known as JR Moehringer, an American novelist and journalist who has accumulated a series of achievements throughout his professional career, such as a Pulitzer Prize —the most prestigious in journalism in the United States—, the novel writing sutton about the bank robber Willie Sutton, and some autobiographies of celebrities such as that of the tennis player Andre Agassi and that of the co-founder of Nike, Phil Knight.

Along with it, there is also a movie produced by George Clooney and starring Ben Affleck (who plays his uncle) that is inspired by his life: The Tender Bar (2021), which has the same name as the memoir he wrote about his life in 2005.

JR Moehringer. Photo: Leonardo Cendamo/Getty Images.

According to figures rescued by the BBCreceived a million dollars for writing Sparebut before becoming an icon as a ghostwriter, Moehringer went a long way.

In The Tender Barthe American recounts how his childhood was on Long Island, New York, where he was raised by a single mother and where he was influenced by the figure of his uncle and a group of alcoholics who frequented a bar.

Those were the only paternal references he had, since his father, a man who played music on FM radio, ran away from home when Moehringer was in his early years.

“The radio gave me patchy access to it. I always tried to locate him ”, he recounted in an interview on the program Fresh Air of npr, “I didn’t understand that I had a certain shift every day. So I’d sit in the doorway next to a radio and turn the dial excruciatingly slowly, trying to find her voice.”

JR Moehringer. Photo: Bridgeman Images.

After finishing school, he entered Yale University to study journalism and began his media career as an assistant at the New York Times.

He also went through other newsrooms such as the Los Angeles Times, until in 2000 he was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for a report on the consequences of the opening of a ferry in the middle of a segregated community in Alabama.

His method of working is so personalized that he is known for telling other people’s stories without anyone noticing that he is the one writing.

For example, when you wrote openAgassi’s memoirs, spent nearly 250 hours without detaching himself from the tennis player, while also turning to the work of psychoanalysts such as Sigmund Freud to better understand his behaviors.

“It was very helpful (…) especially Civilization and its discontents and the idea of ​​the death instinct,” he said in an interview with the New York Times“one of the pillars of Andre’s personality was his self-destructiveness, and I realized that he had been pushing away the idea that this could be an organic part of his nature.”

JR Moehringer. Photo: Donna Svennevik/ABC.

Regarding the role of writers in her area, literary agent Madeleine Morel told The Observer (a sister weekly to The Guardian) that Moehringer “is the pinnacle” in this field and emphasized that “everyone aspires to be like him”.

“It is brilliant. It’s very difficult to be a ghostwriter and write a book that doesn’t look like it was written by someone else,” she said.

Spare either In the shadow It is now available in its English and Spanish versions.