The furious venting of Adriana Barrientos: she murdered security personnel after being audited in Las Condes

A furious vent was the one that Adriana Barrientos shared on her social networks on Tuesday, where she exposed a particular situation that she faced after taking her pet for a walk.

Through her Instagram account, La Leona made a live to tell her followers details of what happened after they discovered her walking her dog without a leash in a community park.

For the same reason, inspectors approached to ask him to tie up the furry girl. The latter, due to the law of responsible pet ownership.

“Are you supervising the issue of puppies that are tied up? The other day they assaulted me in Parque Arauco and I called them, but they told me they couldn’t attend to me… They were assaulting me,” the model alleged to the municipal guard.

And along the same lines, he added: “These are the priorities of the Municipality of Las Condes. It is more important that my dog, which is of this size (girl), is tied up in a park, than that they are assaulting me”.

Of course, Barrientos went further and continued with his claim. “They have staff to see if you have your pets tied up, but they don’t have them to help me, when two guys on a motorcycle tried to steal my things. I find it wild… They don’t do anything for crime…”, added the also communicator.

After cardboard, one of the officials began to record Barrientos. He even left her an unexpected message.

“If you don’t like the commune, leave. It’s as simple as that,” she told the celebrity.

The claim of Adriana Barrientos