the French saved before the rate hike to 3% on Wednesday

Barthélémy Philippe, edited by Alexandre Dalifard

As announced, the passbook A rate officially goes from 2 to 3% this Wednesday, the highest yield since 2009. In December 2022, the net inflow of the favorite savings product of the French reached nearly 1.5 billion d euros, an unprecedented figure for 10 years for this month of the year.

The French were waiting for him. This Wednesday, the passbook A rate officially goes from 2 to 3%. This is the highest return since 2009 for the preferred savings product of the French, whose rate is partly calculated according to inflation. After the announcement, citizens obviously decided to take advantage of the rate hike to fill their kitty.

1.5 billion euros in net inflows in December 2022

With the end of year celebrations, the month of December is generally not conducive to savings. And yet, the net collection of booklet A has reached nearly 1.5 billion euros. An unprecedented figure for 10 years for a month of December. Obviously, inflation is pushing the French towards precautionary savings. On the other hand, the attraction for the livret A is also explained by the recent rate hikes. There have been three since February 1, 2022. And each revaluation is accompanied by exceptional deposits on savings accounts A.

More than 6 billion euros in January 2022, just before the increase on February 1. Or 4.5 billion euros last August, when the rate doubled from 1 to 2%. In total, the French hold 55 million passbooks A, for a cumulative savings of 375 billion euros. The average outstanding amount of this savings product amounted to 5,800 euros at the end of 2021, i.e. around a quarter of the authorized ceiling: 22,950 euros.