the French face the soaring price of races

Stéphane Burgatt (in Marseille), edited by Juliette Moreau Alvarez

Energy, fuel, but also food: prices continue to rise and weigh on the monthly budget of the French. Food products have increased by 12% in one year, amputating consumers of a good part of their budget just for food. In Marseille, customers of a supermarket illustrate the situation.

If inflation fell by 5.9% in December, this dynamic is not felt in the shopping baskets of the French. Over one year, the price of food products increased by 12% in supermarkets. In Marseille, it’s the same observation as in the rest of France. There is one sign that is unmistakable when you look at the shopping carts in the car parks of supermarkets: they are never more than half full.

“I look for promotions as I can”

“I had it for 80 euros and I have the impression that it is a trolley that I perhaps had at the time for 50 euros”, laments a consumer, quite distraught by the situation. This is an additional concern that adds to the most modest households, already impacted by the rise in energy or fuel prices. Families pay attention to every euro spent. “There, for 117 euros, there is only that”, shows a Marseillaise. “It’s not even ten days.”

“There are five people at home, me, my husband and three children. We won’t make it to the end of the month. I’m looking for promotions as best I can, but still, it’s expensive,” he continues. she. As a result, some have gone into “good plan” mode to save as much as possible. “We go to two or three stores, we go to discounters, we look a lot on the Internet for promotions”, explains this couple. “We also take a lot of anti-waste baskets. You have to be smart!”

This couple also reserves baskets for 5 euros, to be picked up by drive. A trick that also partly explains why more and more French people are also turning to this takeaway service to try to lower the bill a little more.