the French divided on the “anti-inflation quarter”

Baptiste Morin and Clotilde Dumay

While Bruno Le Maire announced on Monday the “anti-inflation quarter”, a new device to deal with rising prices in supermarkets, the French seem divided as to the arrival of this plan. If for some, this device is a good idea, others see it as a “camouflage”.

This Monday, Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of the Economy, announced a new system to deal with rising prices in supermarkets. Its name: the “anti-inflation quarter”. An agreement has been reached with distributors to guarantee the lowest possible prices until June. It will be a sticker representing a blue supermarket shopping cart surrounded by red which will be affixed to products on the shelves in the coming days. It is up to each distributor to decide which products are in question. Concretely, these will be items that the brands have already integrated into their various anti-inflation devices. The number of products concerned depends on the distributors: 150 at System U, 200 at Carrefour or 500 at Intermarché.

But then, how is this new anti-inflation device received in supermarkets by the first concerned? Europe 1 went to meet consumers to find out their opinions.

Divided opinions

“I think it’s a good idea. It gives us a few months before prices increase again. Thank you distributors”, greets a first consumer. “With the increase in all the products now, it is sure that this could clearly allow us to eat more serenely and more balanced if it concerns several products. Because today, we are quickly limited”, rejoices another customer. at the microphone of Europe 1. If most consumers welcome the arrival of the new device, others remain skeptical.

Like this man who considers that this plan unveiled on Monday by the government “is a kind of camouflage”. For him, this device is put in place “just to pass all the events. Afterwards, the prices will start to rise again”. Faced with this, the government is betting that by the end of June, the prices of raw materials will have fallen and that the discussions should therefore be calmer.