The forgotten years of the atypical Colo Colo player: “He was frontal and rebellious”

It was difficult for Esteban Pavez to have a space in Colo Colo. In addition to Cobreloa’s refusal in inferiors due to his rebellious departure to Monumental, three loans were added between 2010 and 2012. Before consolidating himself in the ‘Cacique’ first team and being champion for the sixth time in the club, the midfielder went through Rangers, San Marcos de Arica and Union Temuco. A necessary step in the career of the key man.

In Talca he practically did not play, but in the north he experienced a rebirth. There it was directed by Hernán Ibarra and Luis Marcoleta. The first remembers that signing in conversation with AS: “I have a relationship with Lizardo Garrido because we played together in Colo Colo and Colchagua. He recommended Esteban to me and I approached the club to get the loan.” bill.

“We took him in and we immediately realized that he was a very eager, hard-working and intense boy. He could play multiple positions and never gave anything away in practice. His workouts were similar to what he might do on match days. He was serious to work with and respectful. He was made to go far.” complements Ibarra, who later directed Copiapo and Santiago Morning.

Pavez played more than 30 games, between Primera B and Copa Chile. The midfielder took advantage of his opportunity and had professional regularity for the first time: “He took football as a lifeline, that’s why it makes me happy to see everything he has done in Colo Colo. You notice when a player is fighting for a goal and many times, that goal is familiar. Today he has earned respect in Chilean football and I wish him the best so that he continues to grow”, Ibarra deepens.

Despite the prominence in San Marcos of Arica, Pavez also did not find his place in Colo Colo and in 2012 he left for Temuco, his third scale. The current Red player understood that he still had to battle outside of Macul and did so with the same maturity as in Arica: “He has character and a winning personality. He is a player who goes to the extreme in wins and losses, and who always acts the same way, ”explains Hernán Lisi, DT who directed him in the south.


Esteban Pavez and his steps through the B.

The Argentine replaced Christian Mora in June of that year and he had to meet a young Pavez who was just 22 years old: “When the boys leave big teams, it is not so easy to get to another place. Beyond the fact that Temuco had divine places to train, the greatness where he came from was different. He was able to put rebellion on that stage, he played and convinced”.

Pavez He also added minutes in more than 30 games, which helped him make the final leap. Lisi values ​​his perseverance: “He had determination, values ​​and knew exactly what he wanted. I imagined a certain projectability and then he returned to Colo Colo. Everything he achieved was deserved.” The player added prominence and in 2014 he won the 30th star. Now, as the second player with the most participation behind Brayan Cortés, he returned to celebrate a title expected by the club he loves.