The ‘forgotten’ of the Red that shines in Mexico: “Berizzo has a good eye”

The history of Víctor Dávila in the Chilean National Team has not been as expected by the current León de México striker. He was part of the calls for Reinaldo Rueda and Martín Lasarte, but only occasionally and could not achieve a regular presence.

However, the iquiqueño, who was trained in Huachipato and then emigrated to the Aztec league, he does not lose hope of being part of the new cycle that he leads today Eduardo Berizzo.

“The only way to reach the National Team is by working, only then will the opportunity be given. Berizzo has a good eye and if I do things right, surely he will give himself the chance “Dávila said in DSport.

The 25-year-old Chilean left the country early in his career and has built a solid career in Mexico. He began his stage in Necaxa, then went to Pachuca until he reached León.

“When I finished my contract with Huachipato I had the chance to go to one of the big three (from Santiago), but I preferred to go abroad. My idea with this decision was to aim for the National Team. The intention is to reach Europe, I hope it happens soon ”, Davila stated.

The striker participated in the beginning of Rueda’s management in the national team. However, gradually he was disappearing from the calls of the Colombian DT.

“We had a meeting, he told me that he wanted to take me into account, but things change in the National Team. You have to prove it in two games with a few days of practice,” Dávila said.

Interventions in the Iquiqueño Red have been scarce. In the national environment there is no full clarity regarding how he can make his greatest contribution, but Dávila himself was clear about it.

“Where I have had to be the most decisive is as a midfielder or a winger on the right with a changed leg. In any case, it doesn’t bother me to play in other positions, but for me it’s better to play in the two aforementioned positions”, the Chilean finally indicated.