The forgotten Chilean who is a figure in English football

Lawrence Vigouroux (28), Chilean goalkeeper who went through the Red Sub 20 and also for the adult in a couple of friendlies, he lives an outstanding moment in English football. Since the 2019-2020 season he is in Leyton East, cast participating in the fourth category, and in his last two campaigns he has become a record goalkeeper.

is that the former Liverpool and Tottenham accumulates 37 clean sheets in that period of time and is the leader in that category counting the second (Championship), third (League One) and fourth (League Two) division.

Furthermore, in the current tournament, the meta has not conceded goals in four of the seven games played and his cast marches like unbeaten point guard with 19 points after six wins and one draw.

La Roja and fleeting step through Everton

In his career, the goalkeeper has had a lot of ties with Chile. He was one of the archers chosen by Mario Chambers for him South American Sub 20 of 2013, although he did not play any game in that campaign that ended with qualification for the World Cup. In addition, between 2018 and 2019, he was cited during five adult team friendlies.

At club level, Vigouroux signed for Everton de Vina del Mar during 2019, but He was only there for a semester and did not add games.

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