The flower died: Ignacia Michelson confirmed the end of her romance with Marcianeke

The former reality girl, Ignacia Michelson caught the attention of the web after referring to her sentimental status, confirming the end of her romance with the urban artist Marcianeke.

Through her Instagram stories, the influencer resolved doubts from her followers where they asked her about the interpreter of “Dímelo ma”, stating that after rumors of distancing they put an end to their adventure.

“Single?”, wrote a user to which she replied “Yes, single”. Another follower went straight to the point and asked if she was still with the urban artist. “No,” she stated.

“Why doesn’t anyone take you seriously?” wrote another unfiltered follower. “First it is serious, second everyone takes me seriously, the one that is not me. I’m very crazy, they can’t stand me, ”Michelson reflected.

“We are no longer together”

“Are you no longer with the Martian because he left with his ex?” another user asked. “He did not leave with his ex, and that is correct. We are no longer together, “he said, thus confirming the end of their romance.

Days ago, the young woman drew attention after sharing a video rescued by the Instagram user @Biitchpostingcl where she stated that she loved her relationship because Marcianeke had told her that one of her ex-partners had contacted him.

“You know what I love about my relationship with my little boy, Mati, well, that we tell each other everything and I love that. His exi spoke to him and altiro told me, that is, how cute, how tender, I love him like this, that he knows everything and that’s why I never get angry, we never get angry and so on. We are on the right track”, he stated on that occasion before the break.

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