The First team that has moved the fastest in the market

Cobresal had a great 2022 season. He finished in the fourth place, qualified for Copa Sudamericana and after his last game he moved in a hurry to start outlining what will be next year’s squad.

The first announcement was before the closing of the tournament. Juan Carlos Gaete left the club and must return to Colo Colo, club that owns a part of your pass. After that, came the renewals of the architects of the great campaign.

The first was William Pacheco, one of the best right-backs in the championship and then they followed him Alejandro Camargo and Gastón Lezcano. The first was the cornerstone of the midfield, while the attacker exploded in his goalscoring role by scoring 15 goals. He joined them Marcelo Jorquera, who added 26 games in this tournament, and the multifunctional Sebastian Silva.

More news? Óscar Salinas will not continue in the club after finishing his contract. The forward had had a spell with the team in 2012 and now he had returned in 2020.

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In addition, in the last hours the northern club confirmed the permanence of the coach Gustavo Huerta. “Since his arrival in 2017, he managed to be promoted to the First Division in 2018 and qualify for the Copa Sudamericana in 2020 and 2022 ″the club wrote.