The first signing and Quinteros: the key week of Colo Colo

Colo Colo played his last match of the National Tournament and although the friendlies still remain against River Plate and Real Betis, the most important thing could happen off the field. It is that in these days it must be settled, once and for all, the continuity of Gustavo Quinteros, and there could also be news regarding transfers and departures.

“They will make me want to stay more when we have the strongest team to grow, advance and fight a little more on the international level”, said the DT after the equality against Ñublense. A) Yes, He made his conditions clear, just when there is talk of an interest from the Brazilian Guild.

The Approaching Reinforcement

One of the white coach’s requests was a goalkeeper and the chosen one is Fernando de Paul. The former goal of the U ended his link with Everton and according to comments in Viña he has already said goodbye to the officials and colleagues. He is a free player and talks continue to progress, so he could be confirmed in the coming days as the first signing for 2023.

This arrival would cause the departure on loan of Omar Carabalí, who played the last two matches of the tournament. Other players could join him without much continuity in this championship. “The idea is that they all stay and reinforce down the line, but sometimes there are some who prefer to go on loan,” said the white coach.

Renewals and quotas for foreigners

Another important point to prop up the squad is the quota of foreigners. Today Colo Colo has them all busy, so it could only be reinforced with Chilean soccer players. Nevertheless, It is not yet known if Gabriel Costa will renew the contract that expires now, which could change the landscape. the other chance is find a way out for Agustín Bouzat, who lost ownership in recent dates.

Finally, Gabriel Suazo has not yet signed a new contract and could go free if there is any specific offer. Matias Zaldivia, who is a nationalized Chilean, also ends his link and there is still no proposal for him to continue. Cases of Oscar Opazo and Cesar Fuentes they could be simpler and both would be close to continuing in Macul.