The first sanction arrives: FIFA suspends the voice of the Argentina stadium after the incidents against the Netherlands

FIFA takes action after incidents between the Netherlands and Argentina. After the meeting, communicated that: “The Disciplinary Commission has opened proceedings against the Argentine Football Association for possible violations of articles 12 (Improper conduct of players and officials) and 16 (Order and security in matches)”. With this panorama, the first punished is Gerónimo Benavides.

Popularly known as Momo, it is a streamer who officiated as the voice designated by the AFA for the Albiceleste matches. His mission was to harangue the fans in the stadiums, announce the formations, recount the history of the clashes and shout the goals. However, this will not continue to happen in the present planetary appointment.

Through his social networks, it was Benavides himself who announced the news. “Unfortunately, FIFA told me that I will no longer be the voice of the stadium when the national team plays, without much explanation they gave me to understand that it is because of what happened against the Netherlands,” he said.

Although he accuses of not knowing the reasons in detail, the worker has been involved in more than one controversy throughout the event. For example, in dialogue with Urbana Play FM, a radio station in Buenos Aires, he exposed a situation experienced in the match between the trans-Andeans and Mexico.

“A madman came with a microphone and told me ‘present the goal’. But I had no voice. They told me, ‘look, kid, you can’t celebrate the goals’. I was lying on the floor praying, looking at the sky, screaming, and next to the Mexican who saw me taken out and throwing around a bottle”, was his story.

Along with this, after the move to the semifinals, the streamer He used his own networks to download against the arbitration of Antonio Mateu Lahoz. “Greetings to the big mouths and the judge. What players do we have…”, he wrote on his Twitter account. Later, through her YouTube channel, she shot against FIFA: “We shit on everyone who wants to shit on us. There you have them, bye Holland (sic) Hold on Argentina, ”she said.

Once he was notified and released from his duties, he tried to explain the situation and justify himself in a video. “There was nothing strange, I did not insult anyone, I did not hold pineapples (sic) with anyone, I did not throw anything, I did not go where I should not. It doesn’t go there. They will understand when the World Cup is over. But it’s annoying because today Argentina is the focus of hatred, ”he starts by saying.

“I want it to be understood. From my little place I tried to do what anyone in my position would do. They will say that I did not respect the protocols, and it is true. Say the nicknames of the players, make the stadium sing. But it worked for them, because from groups to the match with NetherlandsI did exactly the same ”, he concludes.