The first Palestinian announcements in this transfer market

Palestinian made its first announcements for the 2023 season. Through its social networks, the Arab squad announced that Maximilian Salas, one of the team’s goalscorers, renewed his contract for the entire following year. β€œThe Tank is still with us!” they wrote.

So, the team Pablo ‘Vitamin’ Sanchez secure your best attack card. In the last championship he contributed seven goals in 14 games and was the club’s top scorer along with Bruno Barticiotto and Bryan Carrasco.

Salas signed for La Cisterna in the middle of the year and his impact on the team was immediate. He came from the Necaxa from Mexico, cast where he scored 12 points in three seasons. Before I had added 29 games and 10 goals in two campaigns with O’Higgins.

In addition, in the last hours they also managed to the continuity of JosΓ© Bizama, one of the leaders of the defense during the 2022 National Tournament. The defender and winger, who played 27 championship games, signed a new bond until 2025.