“The finals we lost, how many years I cried for them”: the most intimate celebration in Argentina and Messi remembers the disappointments against Chile

Argentina is, for these hours, all happiness. Or relief, if you look at it from the point of view of the anguish suffered by the trans-Andean country after the loss to Saudi Arabia, at the premiere in Qatar. That result clenched hearts and instilled fear of early elimination. The win over mexico He came to provide some peace of mind. The press reflects that state. In the duel against Poland, Lionel Scaloni’s team will resolve their fate. Meanwhile, he celebrates.

The fuss of the footballers was noticed The clash against Gerardo Martino’s team just ended. Joy and also relief. It was easy to notice in the expressions of the footballers that there was a lot of both mixed feelings. In the dressing room, on the other hand, everything was debauchery and chants. With a curiosity: one of the compositions that the players sang recalled the finals lost to Chile, in the 2015 and 2016 Copa América. Product of those disappointments, Lionel Messi, who today is the center of praise, came to resign from his country’s team. He later reconsidered and retracted.

The footballers stood on their respective seats in the dressing room. There were those who fluttered shirts. Thus, the sticky chorus started. “I was born in Argentina, land of Diego and Lionel, of the kids from Malvinas, that I will never forget”, he begins, mixing the greatest football symbols that the neighboring country has given with the most terrible historical circumstance that he had to face.

The following line is the one that, in effect, alludes to the disappointments in Santiago and the United States. “I can’t explain it to you, because you won’t understand, the finals we lost, how many years I cried for them. But that’s over, because in the Maracana, the final with the brassucas, dad beat them again”, sang the players, at the top of their voices. Messi, like all his teammates, was enthusiastic.

The auction is emotional again and touches fibers. Once again, the memory of Maradona appears mixed with the hope that the PSG star will be able to close his brilliant career with the maximum trophy, one of the few that is missing. “Guys, now we’re excited again. I want to win the third, I want to be world champion. And we can see Diego, in heaven, with Don Diego and La Tota, encouraging Lionel”, closes.