The fight between Les Miserables and Molotov on stage in La Serena: “Drunks” and “thugs”

This Sunday there was an unexpected conflict within the framework of the rebirth festival, held in La Serena. The music event ended up making news, unfortunately, due to discussions between two of the bands that made up the poster: the Molotov Mexicans and the national gang Les Miserables.

The entreveros began in the middle of the presentation of the Chilean group, who accused a sabotage by the staff of the authors of “Gimme tha Power”, who would have turned off an amplifier for them (as seen at the beginning of the video). Once the Les Miserables show was over, the discussions escalated and ended, practically, in blows.

Given this, the vocalist of the national group, Claudio García, was downloaded in harsh terms on social networks: “You can’t call yourself a professional if you come up three hours late to test sound and even more drunk. Not less if you are already around 60 years old, right? We have played with great bands. Ska-P, La Polla Records, Los Cadillacs, Attaque 77… and much more and nobody ever went up to their thugs to turn off our equipment and take us off the stage”.

“We are Molotov, we are the headliners, they told me. Please shitty band, your musicians and your team of thugs.”finished the musician.