The failed predictions of David Escalante, villain of the final that Cobreloa lost

David Escalante does not have a good time The Argentinian striker had at his feet the possibility of changing luck in the definition before Copiapó. At 36 ′, he faced off against the Atacameño goalkeeper Richard Leyton. He had time for everything. He could finish off, but he didn’t. And he was able to get the goalkeeper off his back and he didn’t succeed either. The goalkeeper formed in Colo Colo won the duel and, to a large extent, the definition that prevented Cobreloa from returning to the First Division. Later, the one in Calama would become a tragedy for the Zorros del Desierto. The second goal by Maximiliano Quinteros and the score by Jorge Luna would unbalance the match. The definition went a few kilometers to the south.

The former Santiago Morning player was the most certain of a different outcome. He had manifested it on a couple of occasions, getting hives on his rivals. The curious thing is that on both occasions it failed ostensibly. The most notorious occurred in September, when the loínos broke into the race to fight a Magallanes who was losing air.

Not only are we going to catch up with them, but Cobreloa is going to win, Magallanes is going to fall and we are going to overtake them, we have no doubt. Let the people of Cobreloa stay calm and enjoy it”, declared the striker after the victory over San Felipe.

It didn’t stop there. “We are going to eliminate them here (in Calama), we are waiting for them. Magallanes has brought out the best in us, we have blood in our eyes with them and we are going to show it”hill.

David Escalante, striker for Cobreloa. Photo: Camilo Alfaro/AgenciaUno

Prior to the league for promotion, he once again predicted better luck for the miners. And it failed again. “We were fighting for the title until the last date, we scored 20 points more than the sixth in the tournament that entered the league and we scored almost 20 points more than the last champion of the category,” he told El Mercurio de Calama, highlighting the merits of the Emiliano Astorga’s squad

“We were not given to be champion and we already assumed it, but We know that we had a terrible year in numbers and that must be confirmed now. There is something and that is why there is no problem with assuming that we are the favorites to win that final, although it will be difficult and the rival that touches us will have the same option as us”, he added, taking responsibility without euphemisms.

In those days, he had plenty of confidence that he could not show in the decisive duel. “One understands that feeling in the fans and within the same squad because with the great year we had we can be left with nothing and there is no sports justice there. But we all know the rules of the tournament, we must take the opportunity and take advantage of it to put Cobreloa in the First Division, which is what we proposed at the beginning of the yearhe declared. Unfortunately for her claims and those of the oranges, she again erred.