The exportables of the champion: Colo Colo is already looking towards Europe

After winning the title in the National Championship, in Black and White they already visualize possible sales to Europe. From abroad they have followed several soccer players from Colo Colo and in the sports management, led by Daniel Morón, they are aware that this is the best scenario to make it happen.

Gabriel Suazo is the most emblematic case. The captain of Colo Colo has publicly acknowledged his desire to go to Europe and the end of the year is the ideal time, especially given his age (25).

In dialogue with AS, a few months ago, Alan Silberman mentioned the difficulties in finalizing the transfer of Suazo. “Our Chilean league is despised for not qualifying Qatar and because a world-class player hasn’t come out for a long time. In Chile we have few players and you cannot compete with Brazil, where there is a million and at a reasonable price”, said the representative.

However, with a recently won title and as selected in the new cycle of Eduardo Berizzo, Suazo is in the best scenario. His dream could be close, although he has not yet extended his contract at the Monumental.

Brayan Cortés lives a similar situation. The Colo Colo goalkeeper renewed his bond until 2024 and in Macul they are waiting for a purchase proposal. He, like Suazo, has acknowledged: “I’ve always said that my dream is to go to Europe.” Before there were surveys from Spain and in their environment they expect another specific offer to arrive.

The exportable youth of Colo Colo

One of the main young projects of Colo Colo is Vicente Pizarro. At 19 years old, the midfielder has earned a spot on Gustavo Quinteros’ squad. He has already completed the thousand minutes and is the youth with the highest participation.

Pizarro is also a protagonist in Eduardo Berizzo’s Sub 23 and has received praise from abroad: “Barcelona should sign him as Busquets’ heir,” wrote specialist Jakub Szewczyk at the beginning of September. In Belgium they have already expressed interest in the player.

Other cases in the Monumental

In Colo Colo there are soccer players who also have drawn attention from other countries: Maximiliano Falcón, Gabriel Costa and Juan Martín Lucero. However, in the Football Commission they still have to close the contractual situation of these footballers.