The experienced ones who could retire after the 2022 season

It only remains to be resolved which will be the second club to be promoted to the First Division for the 2022 season to fully conclude. The year will close with two deserved champions in both divisions (Colo Colo and Magallanes), the teams qualified for the international cups and the squads that lost the category. However, one issue is not yet clear: what will happen to a core of experienced footballers, steps away from retirement, with a view to the 2023 campaign.

two historical

Matías Fernández and Humberto Suazo finished their stage in La Serena with the relegation of the northern team. During the final stretch of National Championship, the former referents of La Roja did not have much competitive activity and their contribution on the field of play was focused, entering from the bench. At 41 and 36 years old, respectively, doubts reign over what his competitive future will be. Suazo returned from retirement in 2018 until today and has remained in great physical shape. For his part, Fernández, as in colo colo, He constantly dealt with injuries and, in full condition, was always included in the calls.

Champions and promotion

Magallanes won the title brilliantly in the Ascent with a team led by several experienced. Luis Jiménez has already announced that he will retire from football, but the unknown reigns around the future of who his teammates were in 2022, especially now with a view to the carabeleros’ first season in big football, after decades at lower levels. César Cortés (38 years old), Albert Acevedo (39), Iván Vásquez (37), Nicolás Crovetto (36) and Carlos Villanueva (36) they overcome the barrier of 35 years, which is usually decisive in the definitions regarding the future.

Other cases

Gustavo Lorenzetti dominated the scene in Iquique’s last home game in Ascenso. It was the farewell of the former University of Chile of the northern team and, with 37, he slipped that he was one step away from retirement. Something similar happens with Jaime Valdes (41) and Arturo Sanhueza (43) in the same division. Both were the most seasoned during the competition in 2022, performing for Santiago Wanderers and Fernandez Vial, in each case. The first ended his contract and clarified that if DT Miguel Ponce did not continue – as it happened – he would leave the club. Regarding Sanhueza there is no clarity, because it is an enigma what will happen in the Vial after relegation to Second.

The same happens with illustrious former selected. Jose Pedro Fuenzalida (37) he said goodbye at UC and only a convincing offer would convince him to continue in activity, such as a proposal from the United States, which is what has been most talked about today. Gonzalo Jara (37) he fell to ‘B’ with Coquimbo and 2022 was marked by the irregularity in his level of play. Jose ‘Pepe’ Rojas (39) lived with the substitution in Curicó and it is not known what will happen to the history of the U. Finally, there is the case of Roberto Cereceda, who turned 38 in October and left a good record of 20 starts at Audax Italiano, in 2022.

What will happen to Fernando Cordero (35) and Christian Vilches (39)? It is also another question. Cordero was a valid alternative for the DT Jaime Garcia in all defensive positions and Vilches has been the maximum leader of Calera in recent seasons. Probably, in the next few days there will be light around your future.