the executive is sticking to its positions and so are the unions

Aurélien Fleurot, edited by Laura Laplaud

The unemployment insurance reform bill will be presented to the Council of Ministers on Wednesday. The new unemployment insurance rules will have to follow the state of the labor market. A measure that does not please all of the unions who call on the government in a joint letter.

This should be the first reform of Emmanuel Macron’s second five-year term: unemployment insurance. The bill will be presented this Wednesday in the Council of Ministers. A bill that will extend the current unemployment insurance rules until the end of 2023 but also includes some changes. If the law goes into effect, the unemployment insurance rules will have to take into account the state of the labor market, which provokes opposition from the unions.

union anger

For the government, it is necessary to make sure to encourage the return to employment when the economy is going well, therefore by tightening the rules of compensation. When the economic situation deteriorates, the rules would thus become a little more protective of job seekers.

But it is a logic that does not please and which even arouses the anger of all the unions. They will publish in the coming days a joint letter in which they denounce the “arithmetic vision [du gouvernement]”. It would be better to work on employment issues for the ecological transition, they say.

To respond to recruitment problems in sectors in tension, the government is eyeing the example of Canada, which has implemented a similar system. While waiting to get into the hard part of the discussions, in particular in Parliament, it will therefore be easier to enact the one-year extension of the current compensation system.

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