“The dwarfs were torn from me for the hill”: the mea culpa of Pancha Merino for taking a pompadour on TV

“I love the pisco sour”, commented Pancha Merino at the beginning of a new chapter of As it is (TV+), when they talked about the chance to have a drink before the show.

“But he’s stubborn,” Raquel Argandoña replied.

In fact, Pancha admitted that “I have screwed up by having a pisco sour, better not even drink it.” What’s more, she explained that “at the time we were doing SQP (CHV) we drank pisco sours, and the dwarfs for the hill would start off, heavy”.

During the last few days, as a guest at All for you (Channel 13), the actress recalled her time in SQPa noon farandulero program between 2006 and 2014, of which he has very fond memories, and others not so much; to the point that she has promised herself not to go back to show business.

In addition, when remembering those drinks before and during the program, he recounted: “Imagine in those panels, that we all fight to speak and you lose your shame.”

At that time, “we had a catering Peruvian, he brought us a pisco sour and we served it in small tea cups”. In fact, “the program ended and I had to go take a nap.” And he added: “But (it was) entertaining.”

“I still have a good head,” he said about his tolerance for the forelock. “I start to talk a lot, talk, talk, talk.”

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