The DT that Casanova wants in the U

Luis Casanova will go on vacation without knowing who his next coach will be. After a difficult season where Santiago Escobar, Diego López and Sebastián Miranda held the position, the University of Chile lives another end of the year without the possibility of continuing a project.

The defender, one of the few references that the squad has, does not get into names but highlights an idea. He must arrive “the type of coach who knows how to make us protagonists”, he affirms in conversation with AS, within the framework of the first edition of the adiCup, a tournament born from the Adidas Social Impact project in Chile, that seeks to renovate public courts for a good part of the population.

Casanova confesses to As: the impact of the Ronnie-Campos fight and a promise

– Regarding the search for a coach, what are the characteristics that the U coach should have? Defensive, pragmatic, offensive?

– The type of coach who knows how to make us protagonists. We want to fight for the championship, we want to leave the U as high up as possible, where he has always been and we want to return to that, to that essence of a team that fights for international cups and tournaments.

– Does this type of coach exist in Chile?

– I, for the moment, have not seen the subject of the trainers. I try to disconnect on my holidays from what social networks are and all that stuff, I just like to show what I want, what entertains me, like when I go to the gym or when I’m with my family.