“The dressing room dresses up…”: the commented UC tweet with which the tweeters made fun of Mauricio Isla

What seemed to be a message of support from the Catholic University in the run-up to the classic with Colo-Colo went viral on social networks and turned Mauricio Isla into the target of ridicule from tweeters.

In their official social networks, the crusaders shared a postcard with the “Huaso” shirt and some striking words.

“As always, the dressing room dresses up to receive Los Cruzados. Let’s go with everything!”, said the tweet.

The choice of words provoked dozens of reactions on the little bird’s social network, many taking advantage of the occasion to make fun of the footballer

And it is that the national team has been in the eye of the hurricane for several months due to its old relationship with the Spanish Gala Caldirola.

Isla has been insulted both on the court and on social networks, and many have treated him as “fucked” because of the model’s new relationship with Mauricio Pinilla.

The networks exploded and were filled with memes against the “Huaso”, becoming a Trending Topic on Twitter.

Check out some reactions: