The drastic decision that Colo Colo made for the Lucero case

After the presentation of Carlos Palacios in Colo Colothe president of Black & White Alfredo Stowing referred to the actions they took after the escape of Juan Martin Lucerowho is about to sign for him Fortress from Brazil.

“We are going to go to the last consequences to defend the club’s assets. We have hired a major European law firm specialized in sports matters, so they are the ones who are directing all that stuff and they are taking all the pertinent measures and procedures before the different instances to protect the club”, said the president.

Regarding whether there was any new communication with Lucero, he pointed out that “after we informed you, as you know, the last time we talked in the sense that Daniel (Morón) had met with him on several occasions to try to explain the situation to him and try to get him on his way to fulfilling his contract, after that just a couple of written communications in which he told us that he was not going to appear and that he was not still in Colo Colo, with arguments that they have already heard, which are more of a legal nature and which are in the hands of our lawyers”.

Stohwing added that “in our view, he should have honored the contract. He has a current contract, he does not have an exit clause, as we said last time and we reiterated it, so that is the situation. An unfortunate thing that happened, but that must be overcome and we are strengthening the team in such a way that there will be no negative consequences for this year due to the departure of Juan Martín”.

Will there be more reinforcements?

Colo Colo is still looking for a right back and a starting center forward. Is there progress? Daniel Moronsports manager, stated that “today, each of the players that the club has deposited interest in them, have the ball in their hands. We have already done all the work. We have made the necessary proposals so that each of them can make a decision and we have an answer as soon as possible.”

“I am not going to dwell on specific names”answered when asked about the negotiations with the Argentine-Chilean defender Matías Catalan and the Uruguayan striker Michael Merentiel.