The developer of Payday 3 confirms that it will be on the market in 2023 and shows its new logo

MADRID, 2 Jan. (Portaltic/EP) –

The video game publisher Prime Matter and the developer Starbreeze Studios have confirmed that the new delivery cooperative shooter payday will arrive to the market during this year 2023in addition to sharing his new logo.

The two companies have shared a short video in which they have shown some images of the PayDay 3 video game made with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine graphics engine, the one used in this installment.

However, the images are pre-alpha, so they are just a taste of what Payday3 may ultimately be. But along with them the new logo has been revealed, which looks different from Payday 2.

However, the game keeps the same protagonists, that they will have to carry out a multitude of “perfectly planned and executed” robberies and robberies, as the creators have described.

In addition, this title can be acquired this year and it can be played both on PC and consoles. In fact, Payday 3 can already be added to the Steam wishlist, where they describe it as “a dynamic and unrivaled cooperative FPS experience”.

The story takes place several years after the end of its previous installment, “once the crew’s reign of terror in Washington DC ended.” Now, the protagonists will meet to face “the threat that took them out of early retirement”.

Come out of retirement and return to the life of crime as the Payday Gangthe envy of their peers and the nightmare of law enforcement wherever they go,” proclaim the synopsis.

his predecessor, Payday 2 was published ten years ago for PC and PS3 and Xbox 360. Later, reissued with improvements on the consoles of the previous generation and on the Nintendo Switch.