The details of the offer prepared by Milan to sign Dario Osorio

First thing this Friday, La Gazzetta dello Sport, one of the main sports media in Italy, anticipated the interest of the seven-time Champions League champion in having the services of the student youth squad. They highlighted his youth and the experience he has gained in the first team at Universidad de Chile. “Young man of 18 years. Left-footed, fast and technical attacking winger who currently plays for Universidad de Chile and has already made his debut in the first team”said the medium. “Osorio is emerging and has attracted the attention of many European clubs, including the red and black that is always at the forefront when it comes to scouting new talent,” Add the newspaper.

The truth is that the rossoneri already have on the table the offer that they will send to the Blue Sports Center: six million euros to keep 80% of the pass for the man born in Hijuelas. They will make a bond for the next four years.

In La Cisterna they assure that they have not yet received any document proving the interest. However, Mauricio Pellegrino, in press conferencealready received the blow of what the departure of one of his best footballers would mean. “If a very important foreign offer is going to arrive, I don’t have much to say. South American football always depends on what the clubs in Europe do. The truth is that there is little to do, but we must be prepared in case the transfer is carried out”pointed out the DT.

Despite the uncertain outlook, the coach hopes to have the blue jewel and left him a message prior to his return to the U. “I hope that he and his teammates come to contribute. The future of young people always depends on the desire they have to learn. For me, the potential of any person stems from the illusion of improving. And these young people, without a doubt, have condition. They must arrive under this front, because they have worked very little with us ”highlighted the trainer.

Osorio already conveys that he feels ready to make the leap. He is not afraid of the little experience he has gained as a professional soccer player, a situation that has led many Chilean players to lose themselves in other leagues. “I think that depends on one’s mentality. If you are prepared to take the leap, you do not have to go wrong. What if I am prepared to make the leap abroad? Yes, I am ready to take the leap, but I am not desperate to leave the U. I try to continue working to gain confidence”said in an interview with La Tercerain July of last year.

From the leadership, however, the scenario of a possible departure of Osorio had been working. They were preparing the steps to follow in the face of the interest that one of the pillars of Patricio Ormazábal’s La Rojita aroused several months ago. Michael Clark, the president, was referring to an eventual departure of the blue 11 and Lucas Assadi, other of the club’s projection players.

“Assadi and Osorio are valuable players for the U. Today they are with the Sub 20 and I am sure that if they maintain the performance they have had so far, they will arouse the interest of many teams abroad”said the businessman. “We want the best for each of our players and, as a consequence, for our team. Hopefully we can have them for a long time at the club, but we must also understand that when faced with a proposal from a foreign club there are interests of the players themselves that must also be evaluated when that moment arrives. What I can assure you is that the U is not going to give away any of its players ”, added the head of the club.

Yesterday, the leadership continued working on the arrival of Felipe Gutiérrez, the former Catholic University midfielder who would arrive as a free player. The Pipe already has about the table the club’s offer de La Cisterna to sign for the 2023 season. He only needs to say yes to join the work of the U, despite the fact that the player is still waiting for an offer from abroad.

Meanwhile, the team led by Mauricio Pellegrino traveled to the Valparaíso Region to concentrate for the duel against Unión Española, for the second date of the National Tournament. In the last practice at the CDA, the Argentine tried the following eleven: Campos; Gomez, Dominguez, Zaldivia, Castro; Ojeda, Poblete, Mateos; Huerta, Palacios and Fernandez.