The departure of Cagigao and the signing of Jean Beausejour: the move prepared by Lorenzo Antillo to empower the Chilean teams

Jean Beausejour he retired from football this year, after defending Coquimbo Unido. At this point, there are few who do not know his career in detail. In summary, suffice it to say that he was one of the most influential players of the Golden Generation, the most successful squad that the National Team has had in its entire history. In that role, he scored goals in two World Cups and was decisive in winning the Copa América in 2015 and 2016.. Off the field, he has also been noticed. Owner of a personality different from that of common soccer players and concerns that transcend that of a conventional athlete, his interests are diverse. One of his dreams is to become a history teacher.. At the beginning of his career, he took advantage of the trip to San Carlos de Apoquindo, where he was part of the UC cadets, to get information thanks to the free circulation newspapers.

At the time, for example, was part of the dawn of the constitutional debate and was even mentioned as an option to head the Ministry of Sports when President Gabriel Boric formed his first cabinet. The President finally opted for Alexandra Benado. Today, Bose is dedicated to sports commentary. He works successfully on ESPN, on television, and on DNA radio.. In both spaces he has exhibited his critical and analytical role. In his interventions, he reflects the comfort that his current occupations generate for him, much less stressful than enduring the pressure that professional soccer implies, especially at the level that he played it, such as when he was at the University of Chile or in the National Team.

However, his name is still linked to the activity. No longer as a player or as a cult piece of an unforgettable Roja. Lorenzo Antillo, one of the candidates for the presidency of the ANFP, has set himself the goal of tempting him to be part of the structure of Chilean football. Former helmsman of Audax Italiano He was already surprised with the inclusion in his list of the vice president of Azul Azul, Cecilia Pérezin the framework of the fight against the lists that Pablo Milad and Fernando Aguad. Now he’s going for another hit.

Jean Beausejour poses with the Copa América and the Copa América Centenario, the two trophies he lifted with La Roja.

The former Audino president came to the conviction that it is necessary to take advantage of the experience that the former left back accumulated throughout his career. That background added to his permanent interest in perfecting himself make up an equation that Antillo finds attractive. In that context, his aspiration is to include him directly in the work of the national teams.

What is being studied is, precisely, the role that the former English Wigan lane would occupy in the event that Antillo prevails in the elections. Initially, the possibility of offering him a position as director was even considered.. However, that option was gradually diluted. Then, directly, the possibility of offering him a more technical role began to be analyzed. There are several possibilities there. If Antillo assumes, and having ruled out the possibility of a single list, the fate of Francis Cagigao in the sports management of the national teams would enter, directly, into analysis. There are those who are more categorical and postulate that without Milad in the front, the days of the Iberian in Juan Pinto Durán are numbered.

In the last scenario, An option that the Antillo block is considering is to offer Beausejour the position of Cagigao. Other: transform him into an empowered manager whose main function is to establish himself as the link between the board and the Red teamprecisely to take advantage of the links he has with his teammates who are still in the team.

Beausejour, with the Coquimbo Unido jersey, the last one he wore in his career. (Photo: Agenciauno)

In interview with SportingLorenzo Antillo anticipated being dissatisfied with the work of Cagigao. “The specific role of the sports director has not been reflected in the performance or in the operation of the national teams. Therefore, if it were up to me, given that the contract ends at the end of the year, the truth is that I would carefully evaluate whether or not to continue with that contract. I think that so far it has not been justified, ”he said, in this medium.

Beausejour You haven’t received the offer yet. In fact, in recent months he has been closer to the work of Cagigao, in his role as former selected. Former University of Concepción player has participated as an exponent in talks that have aimed, precisely, to pass on their experiences to the new generations. In these tasks he has ratified the good impression that he already generated as a footballer and as a negotiator, considering that due to his ascendancy his teammates used to entrust him with that task. In the environment of the excarrilero they reveal that the Iberian has expressed his intention to bring him closer to his structure. However, as has been said, its continuity depends on the election to be held in November..

There is another bug that bites the former Servette player: the option of being a coach. “I have to say that I am doing the coaching course because at some point in my life I would like to coach, the pitch really pulls. The other day I shared training with the Chilean Under 15 team and it was an enriching experience beyond measure and from which I came home very happy.”, He acknowledged on the En Cancha site, realizing his concern. Those who know him closely even attribute to him some preliminary idea of ​​the formation of his coaching staff: they affirm that among his collaborators will be, without a doubt, the also ex-selected Carlos Carmona. Both share the passage through the Red and the pirates and also a conception of the game that has as its main reference the coach who changed the way they see football and, in part, life: Marcelo Bielsa.