The defiant gesture of German players to FIFA and Qatar after censorship: image went around the world

Without a doubt, it will be one of the images that will remain for posterity once the counts of the Qatar 2022 World Cup are made.

The players from Germany, in the preview of this Thursday’s duel against Japan, did not hold groups and challenged FIFA and Qatar after the censorship of a series of initiatives devised during the meeting against homophobia.

Specifically, the goalkeeper of the German team, Manuel Neuer, was prohibited from wearing the “One Love” bracelet to support the LGBTQI+ community.

For the same reason, as a protest, the gloved player and his teammates, in the middle of the traditional group photo taken before the matches, raised their hands to their mouths in a clear sign of disgust and protest against what was imposed by the highest body player.

It should be noted that Neuer was one of the seven European team players who planned to wear the aforementioned bracelet. However, pressure from FIFA and eventual sporting sanctions prevented said demonstration from taking place.

“The footballers cover their mouths, which clearly shows that they don’t want FIFA to keep their mouths shut. It is at least a small gesture for human rights ”, highlights the German media Bild.