The curious DT that Montillo recommended for the U: he already had a sad passage through Chile

Walter Montillo, historic former player of the University of Chile, spoke with DirecTV and surprisingly launched its candidate for the blue bench.

“If I were the sports director of the University of Chile, I would bring Mauricio Larriera. He has good management of young people, something that the U did not know how to exploit ”, He pointed to “The Squirrel.”

“The U is financially bad. They have to have a box that works. If they take out two players, they don’t have another two with the same characteristics as Osorio and Assadi. This is the fault of the institution that is not prepared to sell these players.” Montillo added.

Who is Mauricio Larriera?

The Uruguayan Mauricio Larriera was Gerardo Pelusso’s technical assistant for many years, In fact, he accompanied him during his time at the U. After that he started his solo career, which includes steps through Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Qatar and Chile.

Larriera managed O’Higgins in 2018, but it didn’t go well for him. The Uruguayan was in command of the sky-blues in just eight games, reaping six defeats. The results quickly took him out of Rancagua.

His greatest successes, without a doubt, have been achieved in Peñarol. In the “carbonero” team, he won three titles between 2022 and 2022: Clausura Tournament, Uruguayan Championship and Uruguayan Super Cup.