The cruel insults that Kate Middleton received from Prince William’s friends come to light

A few years ago, when Kate Middleton was dating Prince William in 2001, she was a normal young woman from the United Kingdom, and her current husband’s friends took it upon themselves to remind her.

Friends of Diana’s eldest son did not entirely like the current Princess of Wales, who had an on-and-off affair with William for eight years.

The friends of the eldest son of King Carlos III used to nickname her in different ways, according to the expert in Royal Houses, Katie Nicholl, in an interview with Vanity Fair.

“One of the nicknames given to Kate Middleton was ‘Middle Class Kate. In addition to attacking her family with the nickname of ‘en masse Middleton’s’, ”said the author.

Stating that “the family of the Princess of Wales arrived at the events in their extremely preserved and newly polished Land Rover”.

And it is that, according to the friends of the future king of England, “the blue bloods are so elegant that they really do not have to bother to make an effort, but the Middletons do”.

Kate Middleton and William

The insults of the press

According to the ‘Mirror’ media, Guillermo’s friends also referred to Kate as ‘Doors to manual’ (‘doors in manual’).

It is a phrase that airplane pilots usually say when the ship has landed successfully. This nickname refers to Middleton’s family background and her employment as a stewardess for Kate’s mother.

In addition, the press also had insults for the future queen consort of England. As Kate Middleton and Prince William’s relationship came and went, they decided to nickname her ‘Waity Katie’ (‘Katie waits’).

With this, they implied that he had waited a long time for a marriage proposal. Nicholl told Vanity Fair that: “I know it was Christmas 2009 when Carole (Kate’s mother) was getting pretty worried. Kate was in her late 30s, there was no ring on her finger yet.”

Kate Middleton and her mom
Kate Middleton and her mom