The crosses between Messi and Pepe that stressed the World Cup in Qatar

grief and rage were two of the sensations that were most visible in the Portuguese squad after the hard fall that the Lusitanian cast suffered with Morocco and, which, in the end, left them out of the World Cup.

In this sense, one who came out to express his opinion after the defeat was Pepe -Central defender of the cast directed by Fernando Santos– who did not hold anything back when declaring before the media, showing his discomfort with the appointment and performance of the party’s central judge, the Argentine Facundo Tello: “It is unacceptable that an Argentine referee referee the game after what Messi said yesterday (Friday) (…)”the defender pointed out from the start.

The Porto defender from his country made reference to the statements made by the current PSG player from France after the penalty shootout against the Netherlands. On that occasion, the “10″ albiceleste was also critical of the arbitration, expressing with respect to the performance of the Spanish Antonio Mateu Lahoz that “We were scared before the game, because we knew what it was. FIFA would have to see that, because they cannot put a referee like that for this instance, for a match of such importance and that is not up to the task “.

In this sense, the defender maintained his discomfort that “In the second half nothing was played and it only added eight minutes. After today, they can now give the title to Argentina”he said visibly angry.

Likewise, Pepe stressed that “We had the ability to win this World Cup but we were left with the sensation of the arrogance of the refereeing team. Argentina will be champion. There were five Argentine referees… What else can I say”closed categorically.

The dispute between the Portuguese and the Argentine is not something new. The story goes back to the confrontations that had them as protagonists in the Real Madrid and Barcelona squadsrespectively.

It is that the albiceleste star was a hard nut to crack for the merengue group during the golden age of the blaugranasso both were stellar actors in the Spanish soccer major classic for ten years (Pepe was at the capital club from 2007 to 2017 while Messi made his professional debut in the culé team in 2004, a club where he stayed until 2021).

For example, remembered is the stomp that the Portuguese gave the Argentine on his right hand when he was on the floor, which occurred in a match in 2012. after that match, Gerard Piqué -companion of the trans-Andean- came out in his defense, pointing out that “everyone has seen it. The play exceeds a limit (…)”.

Pepe and Lionel Messi have starred in several crossovers over the years. Photo: Eurosport.

Later, in 2014, the footballers staged a rough dialogue in the middle of the derby played at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. According to what was published by the newspaper Sport, Pepe told the “flea” that “with me you always shit”to which he replied: “Why do you say that if I always score against you and you appear in all the photos?”.

Later, in 2016, both had another exchange of words and Messi took the defender throwing him to the groundwhile in another duel the Rosario faced him with a “You are a moron, you are a moron”.

The truth is that this weekend was another episode in the long history of clashes between two heavyweights in world football.