The Crew Motorfest is officially announced, the new Ubisoft racing game will take us to Hawaii

The leaks a few days ago were true. The new installment of the series The Crew of Ubisoft bears by name The Crew Motorfest and, as indicated by unofficial reports at the time, will take us to the island of Oahu in Hawaii.

Ubisoft Ivory Tower has officially presented the game with a small cinematic teaser and has complemented the information with a video that talks about the tests that are going to start with the community to shape your new open world racing game.

A festival of motorsports, with all the style of Forza Horizon

The Crew Motorfest is described as follows on its official site:

The Crew Motorfest continues the legacy of The Crew franchise to deliver the best open-world driving experience in the series.

Get ready to drive through the streets of Honolulu, descend the slopes of ash-covered volcanoes, delve into lush jungles, drift down winding mountain roads and relax on sunny beaches.

Motorfest, the perennial festival of automotive culture at the heart of the game, is based on the beautiful island of Oahu, part of the Hawaiian archipelago. Solo or as a team, come explore this spectacular new playground behind the wheel of hundreds of legendary vehicles.

The festival will allow you to fulfill all your motorsport dreams through a series of tailor-made races, themed events and other unique challenges. Whatever you’re looking for, here’s how to enjoy cars and driving your way!

When does The Crew Motorfest come out?

There is still no specific release date, but it is indicated that will arrive sometime in 2023 to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC and Amazon Luna.

What he did emphasize a lot was that being a game that will work as a service -just like The Crew 2 which accumulated 14 updates in 5 years of content. Ubisoft Ivory Tower iwill integrate the community into the game tests with its Insiders program.

The Insider testing program would involve those who sign up to participate signing a non-disclosure agreement not to post what they are playing, while participating in 4 stages of testing. The first stage begins tomorrow, February 1and will only support PC gamers, but in the later stages, console players will also be integrated.

We remind you that previous reports indicated that The Crew Motorfest will run on a new graphics engine and which began being developed as an expansion for The Crew 2 which ended up becoming a complete game. We know that the series The Crew achieved the figure of the 30 million players with its first 2 deliveriesmaking it an important release for the French publisher that started the year with major issues.