The creators of F1 Manager 2022 settle the controversy regarding the support that the game will receive – F1 Manager 2022

Frontier Developmentes has become a major developer of titles of this type, but with F1 Manager 22 something peculiar has happened. turns out 2 months after launch the title was going to stop receiving support. They have now made it clear that they will continue to support the game with various updates.

Frontier Developments clarifies that they will continue to support the game, but that there will be “no significant new features”

As clarified by Frontier Developments on Reddit, F1 Manager will continue to receive support: “We will continue to support F1 Manager 2022, with multiple updates currently in the works, focused on addressing the tmost important issues raised by the community“, says the statement, which admits the error when communicating: “The other publication wanted to explain that it would not be possible to add none new significant gameplay feature for F1 Manager 2022 requested by the players, but this was not clear.

Even so, they detail what improvements and changes the next update will bring: “The Problem resolution around Estimated Race Time calculations and fuel usage in qualifying sessions, as well as additional updates, when necessarysolely focused on improving your experience and addressing more player reports.”

F1 Manager 2022 is a title that has been Well received by users, but there have been some negative elements that have caused players to sue solutions. That seems to come with time. What there will not be for sure are content updates. In the F1 Manager 22 review we concluded that the work was very ambitious, but that it was very green in some aspects.