the corporate alarm call

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne recently called on companies to show “sobriety” in their energy consumption in order to protect themselves from a possible lack of gas and electricity supply. However, some of them have no choice and their activity requires high consumption.

However, in the current context, prices are skyrocketing for these companies. “We see on average for companies, between 2022 and 2023, a multiplication by three, four or five of our electricity bill”, assures Frank Roubanovitch, guest of Romain Desarbres in South Europe this Friday.

An insufficient tariff shield

“I’ll give you a few examples: a large pharmaceutical company will have to stop producing paracetamol and ibuprofen this winter. Packaging paper companies plan to close their factories for at least six months”, illustrates-t- it, while also highlighting the case of construction companies, which are particularly energy-intensive.

“Not to mention the consequences with massive shortages on all downstream chains, the stopping of public works sites, the closing of swimming pools”, he lists. According to him, the tariff shield put in place by the State is not enough. “We believe we are protected with the tariff shield, but the water distributors, the food producers, the mass retailers, all these people are going to pass increases of 10 or 20%. And so in reality, we going to have massive inflation,” he said.

According to Frank Roubanovitch, it is therefore urgent for the government to take “indispensable measures” so as not to see these companies totally asphyxiated by inflation.

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