“The conversation is over…”: the gift of Eduardo Fuentes who disarmed Pedro Carcuro on screen

An emotional moment occurred during the night of this Wednesday in the Good night everyone, where the guest on this occasion was Pedro Carcuro.

The emblematic member of the TVN sports area could not hold back the tears after Eduardo Fuentes, animator of the program, gave him an emotional gift on the screen.

In the middle of a sincere conversation, the journalist gave him a photo in which he appeared with his sons Giovanni and Franco. The latter, it should be remembered, took his life several years ago as a result of an endogenous depression that affected him.

“The conversation is over, Eduardo,” was the first thing Carcuro managed to say, obviously affected. “There is a lot of love in that image,” Fuentes said amid the emotion of the interviewee.

“And a lot of pain,” added the rapporteur, who told details of how he deals with this constant feeling of anguish.

“You don’t live together. Mourning comes, you have to accept, you keep walking crushed by the weight of facts for the rest of your life. You cannot live together, it is difficult even to talk about this, ”he said in the star of the“ everyone’s channel ”.

In fact, Carcuro admitted that he was worried before the interview because he knew that he would have to talk about his son’s death.

“In these last hours, I knew that I was going to come here and the idea of ​​what and how Eduardo is going to ask me about Franco kept pounding in my head and it became unbearable for me,” he said.

“I felt bad, because I was not able to reason about this and I am not able to,” he closed.

The emotion of Pedro Carcuro