The controversy does not end: Adriana Barrientos would have put her resignation on the table of Zona de Estrellas

The controversy between Cecilia Gutiérrez and the new panelist of Star ZoneDaniela Aránguiz, climbed to such a level that Adriana Barrientos decided to give up the Zona Latina program.

Let us remember that the journalist through her Instagram account commented that Jorge Valdivia and Aránguiz were living a supposed remember.

This caused Daniela Aránguiz to respond to Gutiérrez on her social networks, to deny the statements made by the communicator.

The reasons for the resignation of Adriana Barrientos

However, the women took their confrontation to another level, and Aránguiz without mincing words would have expressed his discomfort after the information that was delivered by Cecilia Gutiérrez, through a group chat that would have been delivered to Rojas.

“Last Sunday when I told that Daniela had stopped Cecilia’s cars (…) Adriana Barrientos, my personal friend, contacted me and told me: ‘friend who told you about the WhatsApp thing’ and I found out there that there was a whatsapp from the panel where Daniela Aránguiz would have faced Cecilia Gutiérrez “, he told the program I tell you.

This information was allegedly leaked by some of the space panelists to Sergio Rojas, where the “Leona” was “blamed” for delivering this information.

“They begin to ask the panelists Hugo to Adriana, Manu who gave me this information, “Adriana felt very angry because she considered it a witch hunt, because they were trying to catch who gave me the screenshots, “he added.

It is for this reason that Adriana made a decision that would change the show forever.

“Adriana Barrientos made her position available, left her Gucci bag, her Dolce Gabbana glasses and the side voluntarily resigned from the program, pointing out that if they did not believe her and that if they distrusted her, she preferred to step aside,” said the communicator .

Added to this problem is that, according to Rojas, the former reality girl had not been considered for the official spot of the program.